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Learn Some New Tricks

I dreamed about getting my #scribbles out into the world for a long, long time before I did anything about it. Partly because life was pretty full already—raising kids, running my graphic design business, and so on—and partly because I just did not know where to start. Like most things, thanks to technology, there is a lot of information out there. For my ADHD brain, I find that to be overwhelming at times. And when I get overwhelmed it is really easy to sort of block out the noise and just go back to my happy place and create without really accomplishing anything, much less moving the ball forward.

Then I found Stacie Bloomfield and everything changed, (for the better!). After taking a couple of her courses, I now have direction, knowledge, and a road map to accomplish my goals. My designs are now on multiple print-on-demand sites, including my Redbubble shop which features the adorable pet bandanas above. Another of my other big dreams is to get my designs licensed. While there are many products I can see my designs on, Stacie taught me to focus on one product category at a time. That definitely helps with the overwhelm. ;-) Taking her advice, I recently finished a portfolio featuring pattern collections suitable for quilting fabrics that I am now pitching to fabric companies. Below are a few of the quilt blocks I designed to showcase my designs in said portfolio. From left: a double pinwheel block featuring my Garden Delights collection in pink; a rail fence block featuring Garden Delights in purple and; a cluster of stars block made with my Memory Lane Holiday collection in the Palm Springs colorway.

Here's Where I Learned Some of My New Tricks

Stacie has a couple of amazing courses coming up. The first is her FREE mini course called "The Artist's Side Hustle". I am excited to be taking it again and invite you to join in with me August 16-23. All the sessions will be recorded for playback so that if you can't make the live class, you can always watch it later. You’ll learn different ways to sell your art, get a roadmap to follow, learn about licensing, and much more. Stacie is a wealth of information and one of the most down-to-earth, real instructors I have come across.

I hope to see you there! Please contact me if you have any questions.

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